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Designed by Sverre Uhnger and Martin Hedemann

- a person that welcomes and hosts guests; a person that arranges events

With inspiration from traditional cutting boards these wooden trays are adapted to modern food culture where good groceries and the joy of making food at home is in focus. Good food is based on fresh groceries and Vert presents these in a natural on honest way.

The top is strict and clean to accentuate the dish. The fillet towards the table enhances this and at the same time gives the trays a shape that invites you to grab them and pass them on.

The structure of the wood is put on the diagonal to use it as a graphic element. This shows the visual qualities of wood and accentuate the food in a subtle way.

Vert is a series of five trays in solid wood. Each of them caters to different needs and settings and can be used to prepare and serve food in any kitchen or diningroom.

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