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Designer tells

How is your product related to the design brief; the box and the items in it?
Several of the objects from the box give me a feeling of nostalgia, like the old black and white photography, the marble and a plastic cowboy. Other objects make me think of travels and the discovery of new places, secrets and hidden attributes, like the stamp, the map, the keys and the story about an old suitcase. There is something down to earth about the items, they are of good materials, and many of them have round shapes. Associations lead my mind to old movies and photographies of people watching solar eclipses. I wanted to make an object based on geometric shapes, of good materials, with a self explaining function and a surprising twist.

Can you tell us a little bit about your product?
“Total eclipse” is a wall lamp where the light is changed by shifting the discs. The rear disc is offrosted glass whereas the front disc is opaque. When the front disc covers the rear one completely,the lamp only gives an indirect light on the wall. The intensity of the light changes along with the shifting of the front disc. The lamp is inspired by solar eclipses, and a tribute to a classic hit song.

How has your process been?
My prosess has been really good. I have been sketching and making models of several ideas, working freely and allowing my self to get carried away by assiciations, one idea leading to the next. I decided to work on geometric shapes early in the process, and decided to go for the “Total eclipse” lamp because of its strong and self-explanatory concept with an enormous amount of variations in form and materials. T+47 454 73 458