Designer tells

How is your product related to the design brief; the box and the items in it?
Two items caught my attention; the paperclip and clothespin. Common to these is the use of metal wire to achieve a very functional product with a characteristic form. Regarding the clothespin I find the interaction between the two materials - wood and metal - exciting; the strength and at the same time flexibility of the metal wire combined with the stiffness, volume and "softness" of wood.

Can you tell us a little bit about your product?
This is a hanging chair intended for both indoors and outdoors use. It can be mounted in the ceiling or using a suitable stand. The chair's suspension part will be made of spring steel - giving both strength and flexibility with minimal dimensions. The suspension - both shape and material - was inspired by the use of metal wire in the paper clip and the clothespin. The seat consists of laminated wooden ribs, where the ribs all have the same shape. I opted for a minimalistic design and chose materials to try to achieve slim dimensions but at the same time high strength.

Metal frame: W 70cm Ø12mm. Seat: D46 cm, H44 cm.

How has your process been?
I had already decided that I wanted to create a hanging chair to provide a different experience - based on the fun of movement, speed and using your body. The objects in the brief gave inspiration w.r.t. material and form. For a long time I considered using a light canvas as the seat material, but for miscellaneous reasons I ended up using wooden ribs for the seat. I used sketching and miniature models to experiment with different shapes and ideas. Finding the shape of the suspension was particularly challenging, but suddenly it "came about" after much frustration.

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