Ingrid Aspen
Sound of Wood 17:03

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Designer tells

Sound of Wood 17:03Sound of Wood 17:03Sound of Wood 17:03Sound of Wood 17:03

Designer tells

How did you interpret the design brief and your specific moment?
The brief enables a personal approach to the task. I romanticize the sundial as an object of measuring time and the italian expression ”dolce far’ niente” as the description of the ultimate passing of time. With the Industrial Revolution time became embodied in a new mechanical armor, the time clock produced new situations. 17:03 has a flair of long hallways, bus stops and dinner will be ready soon. ”Transit” is my interpretation of 17:03. Time, spaces and objects in between.

Tell us about your product!
Sound of Wood is also in between, chair and stool, and as a modular furniture it is in the typography of a classical garden bench. I have explored the dimensions of sound, rhythm and resonance in material and design. The stool’s context is thought to be against a wall in a hallway, to allure both rest and exploration. The simple shape has references to wooden toys. Sound of Wood is inspired by instruments, whims and the resonance of long hallways. T+47 91126564