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Designers tell

Rise & Shine 08:33Rise & Shine 08:33Rise & Shine 08:33

Designers tell

How did you interpret the design brief and your specific moment?
As we both work and live together we know we have different feelings about this time of day. It's when we prepare ourselves for the outside world and the day to come. Neither of us have strong morning rituals, but we discovered that we subconsciously take a quick glimpse in the mirror before we leave. Mirrors have distinguished archetypes depending on their function. Traditionally in Scandinavia, mirrors in living rooms are quite rare. Can a mirror be interactive, sculptural and practical? This was our starting point.

Tell us about your product!
Rise & Shine is a counterbalanced mirror with a solid brass weight. We wanted to create a sculptural mirror which blurs the boundaries of usage and doesn't limit itself to a specific room. The actual mirror is smokey grey, which is a bit kinder to your face and feels calmer in a room. By pulling the rope you can easily adjust the position of the mirror, according to your height, or to simply play with the composition. Mirror diameter: 580mm

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