Peddig Bowl 14:12Peddig Bowl 14:12Peddig Bowl 14:12Peddig Bowl 14:12

Designer tells

How did you interpret the design brief and your specific moment?
Getting a fixed time of the day inspired me. Like a photo that captures a moment forever, my time stopped at 14:12. I wanted to create something timeless, which made choice of material important. There is a strong narrative of wear and tear, like a patina developing over time. I drew inspiration from my heritage. The first furniture made in Sunnmøre, where I grew up, was made in rattan. This combination of pine and rattan in many ways tells a story of my heritage.

Tell us about your product!
14:12 did not appear to me as 'On Time.' At 14:12, you are most likely 12 minutes late! Maybe you had an early lunch, your blood sugar is dropping. This is the time for some refueling. I therefore designed ​​a fruit bowl. Do good objects last longer if we could put our personal stamp on them? I think so, and left a field open to be decorated according to desire and personality. T+47 95887414