Designer tells

How is your product related to the design brief; the box and the items in it?
The starting point was my immediate fascination with the lathed wooden balls in the box, and how the same shape in different sizes relate to each other. I find the circle clean and simple, and wanted to create a product that focuses on these qualities. Wooden products often tell a story and wood as a material gives me a feeling of quality and durability. Wood has a tactility that is easy to embrace.

Can you tell us a little bit about your product?
"Oo" is a desk lamp in solid ash wood. The arm moves freely through the stem, which makes it possible to adjust the shade to the wanted height and angle. The lamp has a visible cord mounted with a switch and a standard E14 socket.

Length: 680mm
Width: 250mm
Height: 500mm

How has your process been?
My process has included (freely from memory); coffee, sketch book, music, pencil, pen, round stock, sandpaper, cord, switches, bases, sockets, scissors, tape, makrell i tomat, computer, crackers, yoghurt, oil, wax, snus, screwdriver, pliers, planes, turning iron, chisel, drills, countersink, ruler, folding rule, PASSER, tracing paper, stapler, cell phone, pizza, chicken shawarma, tea, water, pine, ash, drawing tablet, mouse, beer, vice drill, pillar drill, planing bench, table saw, lathe, camera, tripod, water, light bulbs, belt sander, oatmeal, tomatoes, ham, raisins, buss, tram, bicycle, sun and rain. T+47 988 75 876