Siren Elise Wilhelmsen
Memory Carpet

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Designer tells

Memory CarpetMemory Carpet

Designer tells

How is your product related to the design brief; the box and the items in it?
For me, the objects in the box could might as well have been taken straight out of one of our drawers in the hallway at home, where a random mix of small things have gathered; notes, passport photos, tickets or artefacts from a holiday, the keys of an old bicycle, a spool of thread that just never got back into the sewing box, or a treasure I got from my nephews - a stone, a marble. Small things with small stories. The difference between my drawer and the box, are not necessarily the things, but the context. The objects in the box trigger the imagination, but reveals nothing. I don´t know their stories. And exactly that was my anchor point for the product development; the untold stories hiding in the artifacts. One gets a hint - a key word, but have to make up the story oneself.

Can you tell us a little bit about your product?
A chair has been placed on a carpet and has been standing on the same spot for a long time. So long that it has become a part of the carpet. Rooted and integrated. That is why "Memory Carpet" is more a piece of furniture than a traditional floor covering. It is both carpet and chair in one. Together the two elements create a story, a new situation and an encouragement to use the remaining empty space.

How has your process been?
My design process is never linear. In the midst of developing a product, suddenly something completely different reveals it self. Then it is important to be ready to jump. This time it was "Memory Carpet" that slowly evolved in the subconscious, as I actually was working on a table... T+47 481 13 667