Designer tells

How is your product related to the design brief; the box and the items in it?
I love the box! The objects are like small treasures that give me glimpses into another persons life. Who used to play with the little indian figure, or the marble? Who are the people in the photography? Where would the keys take me? I try to imagine why somebody chose to keep these things. Where they good to touch, nice to look at? Or was it just something undefineably fascinating about them? Where they souvenirs with sentimental value? I keep millions of things like this my self; keepsakes with no value for others. I keep them to remember events, people, places or feelings. Or simply because there is something fascinating by the things themselves.

Can you tell us a little bit about your product?
My product is an object whose form is derived from a nut shell. The size fits comfortably in the hands. It consists of two shell forms that can be used separately as small bowls, or together as a closed capsule. My product is a keepsake for keepsakes. The object is something in-between a sculpture and a product. Like a sculpture, it is pleasurable for the eye and hand, and can be appreciated with no other utility value. But it is also a small container. With room to hold other small keepsakes.

How has your process been?
The idea of the walnut shape came early on in the process. I have focused on finding the right material and method of production. The process has been workshop based, using clay to find the form. I have a lot of ideas about other materials and further development, and hence a feeling of having most of the process ahead. T+47 928 66 058