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Herman Clock 07:06

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Designer tells

Herman Clock 07:06Herman Clock 07:06Herman Clock 07:06Herman Clock 07:06Herman Clock 07:06Herman Clock 07:06

Designer tells

How did you interpret the design brief and your specific moment?
I looked at the brief from a personal point of view and designed an object that connects the given time to my daily life. At 7:06 I am still in bed sleeping. If I am awake at this time, I usually take a peek at the clock to find out how much longer I can stay under the sheets before I need to get up.

Tell us about your product!
The Herman clock is designed for the bedroom and other rooms that shift between daylight and darkness. The dial of the clock paints a graphic picture of black and white lines, dividing the display in 12 zones, one for each hour of the day. The white lines are made of a fluorescent material that is "charged" by daylight and creates a glowing display in the dark. A major influence has been optical illusions like the Hermann grid, where a visual distortion caused by black and white lines makes you see patterns that are not there.

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