Gridy Me Mirror

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Gridy Me MirrorGridy Me MirrorGridy Me MirrorGridy Me MirrorGridy Me Mirror

Designers tell

Simple in its idea and aesthetic, but impressive in use, materials and diversity. Gridy Me Mirror is a new and modern design, with a nostalgic dash of blurry polaroid memories. 2 parts. Easily assembled.
Slide the mirror into the groove in the wood base and choose between horizontal or vertical position. Either way, the lines of the solid oak base will draw a unique landscape on each mirror. Use the side with the normal mirror glass or turn it around to see yourself in a nostalgic copper tone.

Materials: Double sided mirror and smoked colour oak.
Dimensions: 25 x 32 cm

Producer: MENU
Photos: MENU AS

Available for sale at Norway Designs &
Price: 700NOK

W T+47 474 16 724 / +47 932 67 837