Caroline Olsson
Caroline Olsson

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Designers tell


Designers tell

How is your product related to the design brief; the box and the items in it?
The old photo laying in the box with the brief immediately inspired us. It reminded us of old picture frames made with diligence and consideration. Today a picture frame is a product which is often overlooked and has lost value, even though it's still equally important it the display of a picture. Designing a frame which could be a beautiful object in itself, without taking the attention away from what’s framed and displayed, became an exciting challenge. The unique quality of a frame is that it’s a product created to enhance an other product.

Can you tell us a little bit about your product?
With Epaulette we wanted to create a frame system with a greater flexibility than traditional frames, focusing on the corners. The corners of a frame is what defines the silhouette and could looked upon as the shoulders of a picture. Epaulette is the french word for a shoulder piece, which can be used as decoration or to show the rank of a uniform. The sides of the frame are held together by L-shaped corner profiles in copper, liberating the frame from any screws and fixed formats. The copper profiles are slid on to the corners as epaulettes and enhance the expression of the frame in a subtle, but characteristic way.

Small 190 x 140 x 10 mm
Medium 340 x 250 x 10 mm
Large 620 x 460 x 10 mm

How has your process been?
We decided to collaborate to get to know each other better as designers, and it has been inspiring and engaging to work based on a physical brief towards a specific goal.

Photos: Kaja Bruskeland. T+47 916 24 612