Maria Bjørlykke

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Designer tells


Designer tells

Materials and surfaces caught my interest in the design brief. The wooden ball, the card and copper clip was chosen. I wanted to catch an association that could inspire me to form and create. Memories and associations, the number three and organic geometry has been a pervasive theme throughout the process.

Memories and associations can be many things. I picked a specific memory that I work with, the memory of wandering in a forest. I'm continually fascinated by how the plants reach after sunlight, and how their roots link them together. Looking at them even closer, the plants reveal beautiful hidden details.

From this, I chose to give shape to a table. The table consists of three tables in various sizes placed in a triangle formation. The table top is made of ash and is turned by hand. Several tables can be combined to create a collection of tables in various heights. A table has a unifying function. It is a link in a community situation,something to gather around.

Holding that thought, I was inspired to design a board game, an activity that attracts and creates new memories together with others. I worked with the number three and the board game got the hexagonal shape, made up by triangles. T+47 922 36 348