Candles & Showandtell no.03

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Designers tell

Candles & Showandtell no.03Candles & Showandtell no.03Candles & Showandtell no.03Candles & Showandtell no.03

Designers tell

The candle does not require a holder or candlestick and can be used on any non-flammable surface. The base allows it to stand on its own while maintaining the slim expression of a chandelier candle. The design refers to traditional candles, but still has an unexpected expression. The candles are now produced in Denmark, and they are available in soft pink, dusty green, sand and tan.

SMALL SCALE - Manufactured by Løgum Kloster Lys (DK)- Images: günzler.polmar

Showandtell no.3 was made to be used in combination with the candles. The trays are made of oak, the large one with a centre of Norwegian Rose marble, and the small one with a copper plate.

UNIKA - made by günzler.polmar (NO) Images: günzler.polmar

Price 70NOK pr.candle, 195 NOK for 3 candles.
Contact günzler.polmar for wholesale information.

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