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Brukstekstil I-VBrukstekstil I-VBrukstekstil I-VBrukstekstil I-V

Designers tell

Solberg Weave is a collaboration between günzler.polmar and Norwegian textile weaving factory Solberg Spinderi. Solberg is one of the oldest textile businesses in Norway, with more than 185 years experience.

Solberg has an amazing archive of old weave patterns, going back more than hundred years, with endless books complete with small cut samples and hand written notes. We have been inspired by the old archive and by stitches found in traditional weaving patterns. By using elements found in many different fabrics, and playing with scale, we have translated this into a graphic and bold image.

Our concept is developed to enable variation within a small scale production. The result is a large pattern repeat, which allows for great variation when you cut different sections of the fabric for different sized products. Successive sizes in the series are defined by halving the preceding size across the larger dimension. Because they are cut from the same pattern the products are alle related and can be combined, while at the same time they have their unique pattern.

The end products are very versatile and it is up to the user to define the desired use; they can be towel, bed spread, guest/tea towels, table cloth, table runner, place mats, napkins- you name it. This principle allows for one single fabric design - one single roll of fabric, to be used to create many different products, with minimal waste.

The Solberg Weave will be available in a limited edition, through Solberg Spinderi.

Photo: Øyvind Næss (studio images) / günzler.polmar (styled images)

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