Sverre Uhnger & Thomas Jenkins
As Long As You Like

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Designers tell

As Long As You LikeAs Long As You LikeAs Long As You LikeAs Long As You Like

Designers tell

As Long As You Like is an archetypical long table that can be tailored to any length. The mixed materials of the table’s surface create a pattern within the object whilst illustrating the table’s modularity. The prototype is constructed from solid oak base and tops of oak and Larvikite, a stone unique to norway from the Lundhs quarry in Larvik.

The table is constructed as a traditional long table in the sense that the base itself is structural and supports the top. The difference with As Long As You Like is the introduction of a middle leg assembly. The system offers tables from 1600mm and indefinitely with intervals of one couvert.

The essence of the project is to create a a table that is as long as you like. To make this possible the object has to consist of several tops and set of leg modules. This is enhanced by composing contrasting materials on the surface and support it on a modular base with robust yet minimal proportions.
This is the first collaboration between Sverre Uhnger and Thomas Jenkins.

Photo by Kaja Bruskeland, Siren Lauvdal and Sverre Uhnger T+47 988 75 876