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Designer tells

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Designer tells

How did you interpret the design brief and your specific moment?
My association was 1826, the year. It was the innovations of this time period that enabled our modern society; reinforced concrete (Monier, 1849), steel (Bessemer, 1856), the automobile (Benz, 1885). A major breakthrough was electric light, a result of several technologies; electricity (Franklin, 1752), circuits (Ohm, 1827), light bulb (Edison, 1880), AC motor (Tesla, 1885). Today, LED technology (Holonyak, 1962) pushes lighting design forward; new forms, low energy consumption and long service life. I decided to investigate into LED technology.

Tell us about your product!
I started out with quite a few areas that I wanted to investigate; slim/compact, adjustable/magnets, portable/battery/charging, dimmable/touch, edge-lit/bending, fresnel/reflector. Not all of these were incorporated in the final product, since designing with LEDs has its own challenges, e.g. requiring both complex circuitry and effective cooling. The result is a table/desk lamp. Materials; steel rod, wood, acrylics, aluminum. Size (WxDxH): 25x15x40cm.

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