Friends of Klubben

Brief & Concept

State of Things is a design exhibition about objects and their stories. A group of fresh and exciting Norwegian designers were invited to design a product or a piece of furniture inspired by a a box filled with carefully selected everyday objects and the following text;

Objects attract and inspire us.
They tell stories,
evoke emotions,
they make us curious and they fascinate us.
Our experiences are related to associations and memories,
to colors and shapes,
or function and materiality.
It can be complex and impressive,
or simple and subtle.

The designers could interpret the collection however they wanted and the inspiration could be abstract and conceptual, or based on materials, surfaces, shapes - or something completely different. The result is a wide variety of interpretations of the same theme materialized in 17 products by 18 designers.

State of Things is version two of Tingenes Tilstand, the exhibition that marked the establishment of Klubben. It was presented at the art gallery TM51 in Oslo last fall and the response exceeded all expectations with more than 1000 visitors during its four days.

Big thanks
to our friends

Zoom Grafisk



Bielke + Yang

Graphic design


Kent-André Nøklebye

Development & code