Everything is Connected
4-9 April 2017

Fuori Salone, Ventura Lambrate, Milan

Friends of Klubben

Brief & Concept

Everything is Connected is a collaboration between Klubben, DOGA Design and Architecture Norway, Norwegian Crafts and Jotun. Curated by designer and interior architect Katrin Greiling, the exhibition brings together some of the greatest talents in Norwegian craft and design to tell the story of Norway’s creative scene today.

Through the work of 30 of Norway’s designers, makers and studios Everything is Connected paints a creative portrait of a country, telling the story of design from concept to creation, and exploring how geography, education, material resources and production networks all play their part in shaping the products a designer or craftsperson conceives.

Vera & Kyte
Silje Nesdal
Stine Aas & Cecilia Zhang
Sara Polmar
Martin Solem
Martin Høgh Olsen
Marianne Andersen
Live Berg Olsen
Jonas Stokke
Falke Svatun
Bjørn van den Berg
Andreas Bergbauer

Ann Kristin Einarsen
Moa Håkansson
Kiyoshi Yamamoto
Kari Mølstad
Kaja Dahl
Homstvedt and Klock
Ann Kristin Einarsen
Anette Krogstad
Andrea Muribø