About Klubben

Klubben (Norwegian Designers Union) is an initiative founded by designers Victoria G├╝nzler, Sara Wright Polmar and Sverre Uhnger in 2011. As of today it consists of 31 talented members, with varied backgrounds within furniture and product design, living and working in Oslo, Bergen, Copenhagen, London and Berlin.

As newly established designers we feel lucky to be part of an inspiring and positive network of young designers. Meanwhile there are currently few established meeting places and arenas for product and furniture designers in Norway.

Klubben's main goal is to promote Norwegian design, both nationally and internationally. We wish to contribute to creating arenas where fresh designers can show their ideas and their work. We also hope to increase fellowship and cooperation between designers as well as other central operators within the industry. Working together can be a great strength and can provide increased motivation and enthusiasm. We are convinced that being surrounded by a strong network of professionals makes life as a newly established designer easier and more inspiring.